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Happy new week!  Well, I'm a day late, but the new energies are still present.

This week is the thirteenth week of the year.  Interestingly, 13 is often considered an unlucky number due to a plethora of coincidental reasons, but it is actually a rather empowering number, numerologically speaking.  The number one is continuing in with the 'new' energies in the cycle.  In a 52 week cycle, 13 is still within the first moments of energy  This week, we bring in the three, which is a number of optimism and enthusiasm.


As with the third week of the year, this week is encouraging us to regain motivation and direction.  We are encouraged to focus on our goals and to work towards them.  It is a week of hope (which is then amplified with us being in the third month too).  This week, refresh your focus.  Remind yourself of your goals and remotivate yourself.  Don't forget to dream and to believe in your dreams. 

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