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At the end of the day, humans are innately similar.  Through all our claims of individuality and all our efforts to be completely different to everyone else, at the crux, we are just the same.  We are people trying to do the best we can, given what we have available.

Because of this, we have a tendency to follow trends.  Even those who actively try not to follow trends, there are just some things we do simply because we are human.  We have natural inflections that control our subtle behaviours and body language, we have natural emotional reactions to events and circumstances that almost anyone (especially with similar background experiences) will have.  And this is what makes my job easy.


Quite often I have people claim I am a charlatan or fake - it comes with my type of business.  But I want you to think about things in a different manner.  What if I was to tell you that what people claim as being a scam, is all a part of the parcel?  


For those who have heard of Derren Brown, you will know that his is a big believer in psychic readers being scammers/charlatans/fakes.  For those know haven't heard of Derren Brown - I highly recommend you Google him and listen to some of the stuff he has to say.  One of the segments of his that I particularly took note of was his cold reading one.  Without even knowing his audience, he was eerily accurate.  To the point that despite his disclaimers and guarantees that everything he was saying was trickery and lies and in no way psychic, I was certain he had some sort of connection. 


But, this is where I am offering an alternative view.  Perhaps this is how it actually works.  Quite a lot of stuff that was once considered trickery and magic, has since become part of every day life - science now understands it.  Nobody even blinks twice at those who predict the weather.  We can now understand it enough that our tools have been created to measure those things that those who previously predicted weather would use their keen awareness and knowledge to do so.  We also have learned that the special magical/religious ceremonies to please the God/s to prevent illness actually have a scientific explanation we now understand as hygiene.  God doesn't really care if we wash our hands, but the bugs do.


So - what if, being psychic is simply being instinctively tuned into the natural afflictions that make us human.  That it is these people that are able to pick up on the things we need most?  That they naturally know what we need to be told to help us focus on that which makes us feel better, feel more positive and able to release that emotion we are finding oh-so-difficult to let go?  Isn't that, in itself, important?  Isn't it a part of our life to pursue happiness, and if these people are helping us attain that, isn't it a good thing?   These psychics, charlatans, whatever you want to call them - some of them don't even realise that they are doing cold readings.  Deep down they want to believe that there is more - and perhaps there is.  Others do realise and they either choose to use it to help others, or to accuse everyone else who does it as scammers.   Some even go to the extremes of making a show of it.


At the end of the day, I am not going to hide what I do - whether people believe it to be a scam or a psychic connection or anything else.  I aim to be as transparent as possible.  And while I go through many phases of questioning how things work and contemplate the possibilities that perhaps I am simply one of these charlatans that are trying to delude themselves into believing what I do is more than what Derren Brown tells me I do.  I want you all to understand what I believe.


The universe is magical.  Whether you believe in magic, afterlife, heaven, God, spirit or anything else, you must admit, the universe is magical.  It has an expanse that is just too big for us to completely understand.  And while there is a lot that we understand, there is much, much more that we don't.  Yes, the onus is on me to prove the positive side of the equation, rather than expecting people to prove the negative, but I don't feel that is my place to do so.  I know that given my place and my time, it is not yet possible to prove it.  Maybe one day it will be - probably not in my life time.


What I do ask, is that if you don't believe in the possibility, if you believe that all I am doing is cold readings, if all you believe is that I am a charlatan, just move on.   Leave those who choose to believe, to explore the possibility.  And in return, I will give you the same courtesy.  I will not try to claim that I have magical powers.  I will give both sides of the story and allow those who come to me to make their own minds up.  I will explain that while I believe that I am offering guidance to help better one's outlook in live, I do acknowledge that my skills are accessible by anyone.  I do acknowledge that it is probably because I have a natural ability to pick up the subtleties that make us uniquely human.  


But I'll also claim that I believe that's how it works.  The universe works in strange ways.   More people are beginning to learn about the subtleties of human nature that help us know the right things to say to make someone feel stronger, happier and to give them hope.   More people are beginning to recognise that given the similarities of us all, we all just need that ear to listen to and to read those words that change our thinking.   We are now in a world where we can access so much information, that we'll find what we need from anything we're given (in fact, Derren Brown once performed an experiment where each person was given the same written reading and they took so much from it that it felt personal and very accurate - it's because their brains are designed to pick up on the things that are important to THEM).

Yes - take time to analyse how readings work.  Do recognise that it's not really magical, but simply a science that we're still developing an understanding for.  And while I know this may turn many of you away from me, as I've essentially claimed to be a charlatan... I do hope that you recognise that perhaps the reading I give you, gives you the guidance you need to better your journey towards your goals.  Because that is what I am.

I am not a fortune teller.  I am an Enlightenment Consultant: Someone who helps guide you to a greater understanding of yourself and your direction.



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