Introducing your new energy cycle.

meFor whatever reason, you have been led here, there are no mistakes and no coincidences. You have been brought to me – an enlightenment consultant.

My name is Caroline and I am an energy reader.  I have been reading energies for as long as I can remember, applying this natural ability to spiritual practices for the last 18 years. I am also a teacher. I am a qualified teacher, with a bachelor degree in teaching, and a natural leader. I have some understanding on how the universe’s energies work, and with these skills and knowledge, I have become an enlightenment consultant.

As energy beings, our purpose is to discover enlightenment.  This is a state of being where we feel at one with ourselves and the universe around us.  It is not an end point, but a practice and a journey.  It is a relationship with one self. My role during this life time is to act as a consultant – a guide of some sorts. Through teaching others about their internal relationship and their interactions with the universe, I can help them discover their personal path of enlightenment.

I hope that now you have connected with me here, that you will discover information and guidance that you require.  There is a lot of information that will be included in various places around my website, and also the opportunity for you to work one on one with me, either via email, Skype or face to face.

Many blessings to you all and happy journeying.