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Magical Times Empowerment Cards by Jody Bergsma

The Run Down

Total Score:

Box Quality: 4.5/5
Card Quality: 5/5
Image Quality: 5/5
LWB: 3/5

I can't remember what inspired my to buy this deck in the first place, as I am generally not attracted to fairies, but I assume it would be due to the beautiful images presented with each card.  If I bought this deck from my local new age store (which I believe I did), then I would have been able to handle the cards, which are a delight to hold, and I can see how I would have been swayed towards buying them.  While I allude to the fact that this is a fairy deck, this is not entirely true, and rather a deck themed with magical creatures, including mythical creatures such as fairies and dragons, as well as our naturally magical non-mythical creatures, such as dolphins, bears and birds.  There is also a definite 'magical' feel to the deck.  This deck comes with 44 cards and a 28 page LWB and is a delight to read for both myself and my clients, giving empowering guidance to many aspects of life. This is a great deck for those learning to take control of their destiny and requiring some postivite affirmation-type direction.


The box has been made with a very sturdy card, which gives the cards a safe place to reside.  To get to the cards, there is a flip-top lid, which I feel is the downfall to it's design.  This lid does not hold closed and feels like it will open to let the cards out if tipped upside down.  However, this being said, I did test out this theory and the cards remained in the box - the lid did flip open a little, but the cards were unable to fall out.  It is a snug fit for both the cards and the LWB, which sometimes leaves me cringing as I put the cards back in and it feels like one or the other catches.  The card are easy to get out.

The box gives sample images of the cards on the back, which I feel is a good move - particularly if the deck comes sealed and the purchaser is unable to see the cards (which happens a lot in the new age shop I last worked in). 

The Cards

These cards are 88mm x133mm  or  approximately 3.5 inches x 5.2 inches 


These cards are made on a good quality stock (I would guess about 300-350gsm), which has been high-quality laminated.  As far as Oracle decks go, they are on the smaller side, which makes them much easier to shuffle. The cards are easy to riffle-shuffle, and look like they would hold up to this type of shuffling quite well (no bends/corner peeling).  The back of the cards is subtle and non-directional.  There is a sense of colour-therapy connected to chakra energy that comes through with the circular patter which radiates from a red in the center, through all the colours of the chakras, to a purple on the edges.  As there is no specific image on the back, this removes distractions when dealing.

The image side of the cards is beautifully presented with a range of the same colours used in the colours presented on the back.  I assume that the reader could apply chakra knowledge to the reading based on these colours if they wanted to, although I have never done so myself. 


Each card has a consistent design throughout the deck, with a simple, single/double word at the top of the card, an image presented in a circle in the center of the card and a guidance phrase on the bottom of the card, with key words italicised.  This is then presented with a basic border and a subtle clouded overtone over the top of the card.  You are given the impression of looking through a peep hole into the magical world.
This deck is easy to read and would suit any skill.  Due to the selection of details given, the reader can choose to read using whichever methods suit them best.  The images are intense and symbolic, which can be used to connect to your intuition and aid in meditative-type readings.  The single - double word is good for giving word prompting and the statement can go further to help with word associations and affirmations to use for the beginner.  As said before, the reader can also incorporate other areas of spiritual beliefs into the reading, as these cards embrace magical energy at many levels.  Associations with the symbolism of magical creatures and colour come into play.
The energy of the cards is very positive, with the words enhancing this with their affirmation-like feel to them.  "Take time for the dreamer in you.  Find your power in stillness. In youe sacred space is the peace you seek."  (Sacred Space Card). This affirmation highlights the words dreamer and peace.  It encourages you to take control of where you would like to be.  It is a very empowering card, sparking motivation within you.

The Little White Book (LWB)
28 pages.  Black and White

I gave this LWB only three stars, because I feel that it was created with an intention to save costs, which is not necessarily a bad thing, as we buy the deck for the cards - not the book.  The book itself is very basic - folded over pages stapled in the middle.  There is no colour, nor many images.  

The cards are listed in alphabetical order according to the key word presented at the top of the card and then a short paragraph is written to give the reader an affirmation to say aloud - to promote the empowerment from the card.  

"Today I will create a place in stillness.  I will take time for my dreams and give thanks for my life.  I will look within and find the peace I seek for it is always with me.  I will make myself and my world a sacred space with a magic cloak of gratitude and I will be happy." (Sacred Space).   

I find many of the affirmations in the book to be very similar in nature and feel and find the booklet itself rather useless for my purpose.  There is a brief introduction which explains the cards are listed in alphabetical order. There is a mention that these cards can also be read with reverse (which would explain the non-directional backing), suggesting an imbalance in the area covered by the card that needs to be addressed - although I have never read these cards with reverse, as when there are more than a couple of words on the card, I always turn them right way up out of habit.  There are three spreads covered in the back of the book, which relate well to the deck and give examples of the types of questions which can be asked of the cards, which I felt was useful.

I also did enjoy the one page summary about Jody and her journey towards making the cards. Learning about the creator does help me connect to the cards well.


Overall, this deck has its ups and downs.  I find it a good deck to use in some circumstances but not all.  It is especially good to consult in matters of a spiritual nature, but is also good for career and lifestyle direction and focus too.

~Caroline ©2015



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