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(28 FEBRUARY 2015)

I can not believe how much change can happen in two days, and I still have 5 days left of this course!

What an amazing experience today! The one that stood out for me was the meditation exercise we did. I learned a lot about who I am - I focus WAY too much on what other people are doing, instead of focusing on myself and paying attention to myself. And you know what? When I started paying attention to myself I really began to enjoy things AND I suddenly had more attention to listening to others!

During the meditation, I had a couple of experiences. The first was that I began to see through my eyes - or perhaps my third eye finally opened up properly! I have been working on opening my third eye for some time after completely blocking it, usually working with spirit through other means. After noticing that there was light coming through my eyelids, I realised I could see my hands in front of me, so I played with them and explored the movement. As I turned around, I realised there was a door to my right - it was a BRIGHT light. When I looked to it, my guide (Archangel Michael) came through. He held a heart that grew until it surrounded me (interestingly enough my 'PURPOSE' for this life is to learn LOVE). After this, I turned to my left and there was another door. A lady wearing a pink dress with a floral print walked past. After opening our eyes - I looked around and there was NO ONE wearing the dress I saw, so I know it wasn't me seeing someone in the room. Who it was, I still must find out - I have asked them to come to me in my dreams.

Today I learned that I hold onto crap just to prove a point. What is the purpose of this? Why is it good to hold onto crap just to prove a point? It's not - it's just stupid! I MUST let it go (and once I came to that realisation, that's when things began to happen. I also learned that I DO NOT KNOW A THING about finance. I have no clue about what any of the terminology means and it scares me. Right to the point that I have totally ignored the finances in my marriage and left it all to my husband.


[UntitledWow just have to pause here, because as I wrote that last bit, I looked down at the autosave details and THAT NUMBER has come up again. 555 - the number of change. I also saw it on a number plate on a car in front of us on the way back to my apartment.  The funny thing is that it's not that time here.... my computer is still on Perth time!]


So...  I've decided that it's time for me to learn about finances and contribute WHOLLY to the relationship.  Because he's doing all the right things and if I do all the right things, then we'll be unstoppable! Finally, I also gained confirmation for things I am doing well at.  I am doing well with my health - YAY!


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