RIP David Bowie

So David Bowie died today. Apparently of Cancer. While I can’t say David Bowie impacted greatly on my life, I did like some of his work, especially the movie Labyrinth and his song Space Oddity (which I’ve always just called Major Tom). He has always promoted individuality to me and I’ve always been intrigued by his different coloured eyes.

It’s a shame he’s left this world, and I send my regards to his family, friends and anyone affected by his death.

Progress on the 7 Year plan

So, I did a course called life design in March 2013. As part of this course we did a 7 year plan for our lives. Someone just asked the group how we were going, almost a year on. Turns out I am a lot more on track than I thought:

Seven Year Plan Achievements to date:

Year 1:

  • Lost 5 kg
  • All Gold at 10 meters (122 cm face) – in Archery
  • Perfect 10 at 10 meters (122 cm face) – in Archery
  • Camping trip
  • Joined a board gaming group
  • Registered my own business
  • Got job (although it wasn’t what I planned, nor does it pay what I hoped at the time I wrote the yellow ticket – it is a step into the writing/publishing world, which is the new direction for my life)
  • Book Published? – Sort of. I have a book that is being published. It was written for the writing job I got, but it’s not published yet (even though I submitted it in July 2015).

Year 2:

  • All Gold at 20 meters (122 cm face) – in Archery

Almost Completed:

  • Publish book two (will be on time or a couple of months earlier than said)
  • Paid off House (3 months earlier than said)
  • Perfect 10 at 20 meters (122 cm face) – in Archery (Will be earlier than said).

Goals not achieved:

  • All my finance/money generating goals. But I am okay with that as I wasn’t sure what I actually wanted from that goal. I will need to revisit this area and see what changes to make.
  • 10 Push-ups (June 2015) – But I achieved more in Gymnastics & Rock climbing instead, so am happy with that.
  • Attending Liquid Crystal course (September 2015) – I decided that my path was no longer with Spirituality, but writing instead so chose not to attend this course.
  • Help 500 people (September 2015) – Maybe I did? I didn’t help 500 people in a direct countable way, but sometimes we help people in ways we don’t know.

Other stuff I’ve done that has made me feel good:

  • Enrolled in a Diploma of Life coaching and have passed half way through the course.
  • Quit a whole heap of stuff I was doing because I didn’t know how to say no, and learned how to say no.

Kickstarter Project

The Kickstarter project to raise funds for editing of Daughter of Hell has been opened today.
After much deliberation, I decided to minimise the total needed as much as possible, which means I can’t offer the paperback at this stage (due to postage costs in Australia sucking so bad and the postage amount included in the count towards the goal in Kickstarter). If I did include the paperback before the goal was met, then I’d be looking at needing to set a goal much higher than the $1194 that I chose.

With any luck, I’ll reach the goal with no worries and then we can get to releasing the book properly đŸ™‚

Naming the fans…

So. There’s a new term floating around that lets people know you’re a follower of my work. I’ve named my mail-out list after it. Hello my Centarions! How are you today? Would you like to receive Centarion updates?

Sign up today (I don’t send a lot out, but it will give you notifications of posts to my blog and updates on the progress of Daughter of Hell):

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