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Daughter of Hell

She’s the wife of Archangel Michael and the daughter of Lilith, but who is she? Readers will be left wondering this question as the main character drags them along her journey as she explores the answer to this very question herself.

The astral world – it is an addictive place. Especially when you’re a succubus demon who is the spouse of the head Archangel. It is also a scary place when you discover that you and your friends are destined to fight in the biggest battle of mythological history.

It is the demons’ turn to take rule over the universe. The gods have had that cushy seat for too long. And Lilith is convinced that without the Khalidan race to oversee the happenings, that it’s time for her to collect her dark son the prophesies foretold.

Can the Daughter of Hell, Son of the Underworld and Child of Khalida restore balance to the universe? Does Lilith’s daughter discover her true purpose and identity?

Agent of Sin: Lust [The Collector]