Favorite Things

What is your favorite movie? The Boondock Saints
What is your favorite tv show? Depends on my mood and what I am watching at the time. Notable TV shows include (but is not all encompassing) Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Last Man on Earth, How I Met Your Mother, Buffy, Stargate (all of them)…
What is your favorite song? As with TV, it changes with my mood. Adele’s Hello is up there, Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams, Timmy Trumpet & Savage’s Freaks, just to name a few.
What is your favorite book? (What, besides the ones I’ve written??  LOL) Stephen King’s The Green Mile. I own all the parts that were released individually before it became a novel (and I own the novel) and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series (all 7 of them – although Prisoner of Azkaban was my favourite of the series)
What is your favorite type of music? As with my favourite song, it depends on my mood. You can probably guess by what songs I said I like, but I also love classical music, especially George Friderich Handel and Johann Sebastian Bach
What is your favorite type of movie? Anything Scary
What is your favorite tv channel? Which ever one is showing what I want to watch at the time. I tend to watch Channel 10 (Free to Air – Australia) most.
What is your favorite animal? Snake
What is your favorite color? Silver
What is your favorite drink? Water
What is your favorite food? Depends on my mood. Bacon is pretty high up there.
What is your favorite time of day? Mid to late Morning
What is your favorite place to be? At home.
Who is your favorite actor? At the moment (and not including those who have passed over) – Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Depp
Who is your favorite actress? Gina Davis, Cameron Diaz
Who is your favorite author? I don’t know. While I listed Stephen King and J.K. Rowling when mentioning my favourite books I am not sure they’re my favourite authors as I don’t necessarily love their other works. It may have to be Terry Goodkind at the top of my list, as so far I’ve loved everything of his that I have read.
Who is your favorite singer? Um… It was Axl Rose for so, so, long…
Who is your favorite director? I can’t say I have one.
Who is your favorite friend? One that treats me nice. Someone who is honest, wants to spend time with me and who does spend time with me.  I have loads of friends who fit two or three of those requirements, but none that fits them all… Unless I count my husband… okay – he’s my favourite friend.
What is your favorite car? Nissan Skyline GT-R R34
What is your favorite sport? To do: Archery, Gymnastics and Rock climbing. To watch: Baseball
Who is your favorite team? Um… I don’t really have a favourite team. In Baseball I chose to back Blue Jays…
Who is your favorite musician? George Friderich Handel
What is your favorite website? Mine!  Otherwise Facebook… well I hate it so much but I can’t stop going there.
Who is your favorite band? Tatu, Guns and Roses…
What is your favorite subject? Science
What is your favorite memory? I have so many…
What is your favorite quote? “Live everyday as if it were your last, because someday you’re going to be right.” – Muhammad Ali
What is your favorite thing to do? Write
Who is your favorite teacher? oooo I loved them all! Well except my year 3 teacher and high school phys. ed. teacher.  But I always said my favourite was my year 4 teacher – Mr Alanby
What is your favorite brand? I am not a brand girl. I don’t stick to a brand if something better comes along.  That being said, I do like Rip Curl
What is your favorite clothes? Steam Punk
What is your favorite store? New Age Stores
Who is your favorite athlete? I don’t really watch a lot of sport, so no athlete comes to my mind. I can’t answer this question.
What is your favorite word? Love
What is your favorite electronic? My computer?
What is your favorite holiday? Either my honeymoon (Singapore-Egypt-Kuala Lumpor) or my 4 weeks in China.
What is your favorite country? Despite never being there, I have a love affair with Canada. It’s at the top of my list of places to visit and I’d move there in a heart beat. I love the coins, the scenery and the people. I think it’d be great.
Who is your favorite girl/boy? Girl – my Daughter. Boy – my son.

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