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For those who don’t know, I am an archer. I have been a member of The Archers of Greenwood for a year an a half. In that time I have earned myself three club-level medals and I have become a club coach.

Today our club had our first day back for the new year (after a short hiatus over the Christmas break). I’ve changed up in poundage on my limbs (not really a good idea after time off, but I was happy with the result) and shot better than I have any other time. If I didn’t already have my perfect at 10 meters on a 122cm face, then I would have most definitely got it today. Really good grouping.

My son (aged 8) also didn’t do too bad. I’ve been coaching him for about 4 months now (three if you take out the break) and he’s showing improvement. With practice he’ll be as good as his Dad (who was club champion last year).

My goals in Archery for this year are:

Perfect at 20m
All Gold at 15m, 18m (indoor) and 25m
To be able to shoot in the State clout this year

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